We create unique marketing experiences for the medical device industry. Our medical display models and surgical trainers effectively communicate the unique characteristics and value of your medical device.

Why Artisan

Artisan has earned its reputation as an industry leader through years of responsive service, excellent quality and innovative design.


With great attention to the finest details, we customize every product with precision quality and craftsmanship.


Our displays create clarity and focus around the core purpose and differentiators of your medical device. Our process starts with developing a deep understanding of your device and concludes with a product that reflects and communicates that understanding.


Our clients know us for our responsive service and our ability to deliver products on-time while maintaining flexibility.


We are a collaborative partner. We thrive on client input and a shared vision for success.


We never compromise quality, and we embrace challenges that create the opportunity to innovate.


For medical device manufacturers looking to improve the communication of their marketing, training and educational devices, we offer years of design and innovation experience.

We believe in the potential life changing possibilities of medical devices and we want to help them achieve their goals. Our focus is on providing the medical industry with impactful ways of communicating the value of the truly unique medical products it’s producing.

We’re proud to be a part of the West Michigan community.

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