Excellence through Process

Success comes through collaboration and teamwork. Throughout our process we create clarity around what sets your medical device apart.



You know your medical device and its goals better than anyone – this is where you educate us so that we can understand it how you do. We’ll schedule a learning session with the purpose of finding out everything we need to know about your device and where you want to take it.

& Proposal


Once we understand your goals for your medical device we’ll establish a plan for how to achieve them. We will create a rendering of your product that accurately conveys its purpose. When we have a design ready we will present you with a detailed proposal of our plan to move forward.

& Sampling


Here’s where you get to see your device take shape. We test the concept or the process to make sure it stands up to your requirements. Depending on the needs of your medical device, we will either develop a prototype or a sampling.

  • Prototype: used to accurately demonstrate a medical device that has movable components
  • Sampling: used to authentically show the shape, colors and overall look of your medical device



After ensuring the accuracy of our design files and getting your approval we create the final master and mold set up for your medical device.

& Delivery


Once the master and mold set up is ready for production we begin the final assembly of your medical device. When production is complete we will deliver a quality product that accurately portrays the distinct nature of your medical device.

& Evolve


Our relationship is important to us. Once your medical device is complete we will keep in touch to make sure its achieving its goals; giving us insight into possible opportunities for evolution.

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